Horgen meets Ho Chi Minh

Dinotronic AG offers its employees in Horgen the opportunity to travel to Vietnam and complete a remote work month at our second company location in Ho Chi Minh. Some have already taken advantage of this opportunity and were able to gain interesting impressions and unique work experience in the Far East. We would like to share with you what our employees experienced there.


Edgar Golub

Systems Engineer

Vietnam visit:
16.01.2020 to 25.02.2020

At Dinotronic since:
November 2017

Your highlights in Vietnam:

  • I tried sensational seafood straight from the aquarium to the plate à la Vietnam Style in Nha Trang, I have never experienced it like this before.
  • I can only recommend the Ben Thanh Street Food Market – a culinary journey through Vietnamese cuisine.
  • The people were all very warm and accommodating.
  • In Asia, everything works a little faster than in Europe.
  • The Heineken Museum above the clouds in the Bitexco Tower with a breathtaking 360° view was overwhelming.
  • Witnessing the Chinese New Year during my stay was a unique experience.
  • The remote work month gave me the opportunity to explore Ho Chi Min City after work and on weekends. During my subsequent vacation, I traveled to other regions of the country. I especially enjoyed the beautiful towns of Phu Qouc, Nah Trang, Da Nang and Hoi An.

Your Lowlights in Vietnam:

  • The long flight of 13.5 hours was very exhausting.
  • The smog in the big cities is unpleasant.
  • Unfortunately, there is a lot of plastic garbage in certain places.

A funny or curious story about your stay in Vietnam:

I was in Vietnam at the time of the Tê’t Holidays. “Tê’t Nguyèn Dán”, or Tê’t for short, means “the festival of the first morning” and is the most important Vietnamese holiday. The streets are decorated and a festive spirit takes over the whole country. During this time, I was able to experience the traditional hospitality of the Vietnamese.

Your impressions from Vietnam: