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The Digital Workplace enables unlimited creativity.

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The Digital Workplace is where the employee needs it.

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The Digital Workplace offers intelligent protection of data, identities and devices.

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The Digital Workplace enables efficient, digital collaboration.

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The Digital Workplace supports and promotes your business success.

Modern & secure digital workplaces for SMEs

Teamwork, collaboration, communication – the digitalisation of SMEs starts at the workplace. The increased need for mobility and the variety of business devices (notebook, PC, tablet, or smartphone) constantly create new requirements and opportunities, but also new cyber security challenges.

So, that you can focus on your core business, we offer modern, mobile & secure workplace for SMEs as a managed service. You receive our all-inclusive, carefree packages, consisting of a digital workplace, modern applications, and the well-founded know-how / support of our employees, at a monthly fixed price per user.

Reliability guaranteed

Reliability guaranteed

You can rely on us. What we agree with you, we keep. You can reach us 24/7.

Highest availability

Highest availability

Is there anything more annoying than when systems don’t work? We guarantee that our services are available at 99.8% availability.

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

Your needs are our focus. Therefore, we only recommend the services that are right for you after we have carried out a detailed analysis.

Always up-to-date

Always up-to-date

You no longer have to worry about updates (OS, applications, virus protection, firewall, etc.) and yet you are always up to date. We take care of it in the background.

Focus on your core business

Focus on your core business

We take full care of your IT. So, you can concentrate on your core business.

Maximum security

Maximum security

Cyber security is not an option for us, but a duty. We are ISO 27001 certified and our services have a high built-in security.


We offer the right managed services for all needs. To get the most out of your IT, a combination of several Managed Services is often the right choice.


Modern, digital workplace solution with Microsoft 365 and other selected productivity tools and efficient management from your windows computer, smartphone or tablet.


Modern communication and collaboration solution based on Microsoft Teams, which allows you to collaborate with employees and external persons in an efficient and uncomplicated way (incl. Fixed network telephony).


Thin clients run only the software necessary to access centrally operated applications – cost-efficient, secure and managed by us from the cloud.


With efficient administration and our 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure in the Dinotronic Swiss Cloud or in Microsoft azure, we ensure that it is secure and highly available at all times.


Virtual windows desktop with Microsoft 365 and selected productivity tools in the Dinotronic Swiss Cloud or in Microsoft Azure. Flexible, easy, mobile, secure and available 24/7 from any device.


We have various attractive Managed Services in the area of cyber security in our portfolio. Get an overview.

How to achieve the digitisation of your SME

Many companies have already made the leap into digital world, but others are still afraid of the change. Are you still one of the skeptics?

In the first part of our white paper, you can read about how you could benefit from the possibilities of digitalisation and what you need to get started in the cloud.

In the second part, you’ll learn how you can digitize your workplace in just three phases and continue to optimize your digital transformation.

Have we aroused your interest?

Here you can download part 1 and 2 of our whitepaper.

Are you ready for the Digital Workplace?

Find out with our ICT ANALYSIS.

There are many ways to bridge the gap between the traditional office and the modern workplace – Dinotronic is happy to help you! With our standardized approach based on scientifically recognized methods, we work with you to develop your personal starting point. Our ICT analysis includes:

⇒ Management Summary

⇒ Initial situation (strategy, organization, technology)

⇒ Cloud Readiness Profile

⇒ Recommendations for action

The analysis thus offers an important contribution to your optimal preparation for the «Digital Workplace».


«I would be happy to explain the benefits of ICT analysis for your SME in a personal consultation

Book your appointment for a 30-minute online meeting with me now!»

Dino Fiori, CEO

Satisfied Digital Workplace Customers

Learn how the EULAR successfully switched to the digital workplace with the support of dinotronic.

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  • Higher efficiency and information security
  • Collaboration independent of location
  • Better user-friendliness through the use of innovative standard solutions
  • Professional support during introduction with workshops and training

Blog posts all about the Digital Workplace

First self-developed tools for our managed services

27. December 2022|

With the "Modern Workplace Experience", Dinotronic is introducing a selection of tools that relieve our managed service customers of many everyday IT tasks or make them significantly easier. The focus is on transparency, autonomy, and efficiency.

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