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Our Cyber Security Awareness Training provides you with basic knowledge about current, consequential cyber security risks. We inform you and your employees about different threats with current practical examples, e.g. DDoS attacks or targeted cyber attacks in the form of phishing or malware. In addition, we show you how each individual participant can protect his or her company its sensitive data and sensitive identities from these new types of threats without the need for complex technologies. In the course of the training, important questions such as “How do I protect my data?”, “Where is my data safe?” and “What about data security in clouds?

Solutions for Information Protection and Identity Protection are constantly being developed and become more and more intelligent – but technical measures alone are unfortunately not sufficient to completely secure the most valuable data of your company. Therefore our Cyber Security Awareness Training focuses on human behavior. We enable your employees to recognize and reduce security risks and to take the right measures in case of an IT security incident.

For all target groups

For all target groups

Be it employees, executives or IT managers – we adapt our training to the appropriate level and existing prior knowledge of information security.

Online or on site

Online or on site

You decide whether the Cyber Security Awareness Training should be conducted at your premises or via our tried and tested online tool.



One-off training sessions are not sufficient to make employees aware of the constantly growing risks and new methods of cyber security attacks. We therefore recommend that you periodically repeat the awareness training.


Whether online, at your location or combined – we always adapt our training to your needs as well as your existing previous knowledge. 


We provide you with our proven online tool tailored to your needs. You carry out the training independently and at your own pace.


Depending on the size of the company, the entire training takes place on one or more days at your site with one of our cyber security experts.


The training takes place on your premises conducted by one of our cyber security experts and is then continuously deepened and updated through online training.

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«I would be happy to explain the benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training for your SME in a personal consultation.

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Dino Fiori, CEO

Satisfied Customers

Cornelia Studinger about the Cyber Security Awareness Training from Dinotronic

“Summer 2019 we decided to take part in a Cyber Security Awareness Training by Dinotronic. Dino Fiori provided us with an afternoon of an overview of cyber crime and pointed out the dangers in dealing with IT with impressive, up-to-date examples. The training was very practical, understandable, competent and pleasant – it met our expectations perfectly. Since then I have noticed a great awareness of dangers in the Internet among the team.”

Cornelia Studinger, Stiftung Schweizerischer Bankenombudsman

More information

The following frequently asked questions should interest you regarding the Cyber Security Awareness Training:

Depending on the level of education and learning pace, the average duration for certification is 2-6 months.

Yes, each module is concluded with a short knowledge test at the end and can/must be repeated if the result is insufficient.

Yes, each successful completion is rewarded with a certificate per module.

On-site training usually lasts a maximum of 90 minutes and also includes the opportunity of Q&A.

Yes, in cooperation with our specialized partner.

Cyber Security Awareness Training is all about raising awareness among employees. If you need a holistic review of your existing Cyber Security risks, we recommend our Cyber Security Risk Assessment.