Security, availability and integrity –
Your cornerstones for a successful IT strategy

With our standardised procedure based on scientifically recognised methods, we work with you to develop your personal starting position with the Cyber Security Risk Assessment. We analyse your organisation, information life cycle, IT infrastructure and processes and provide you with concrete recommendations on operational and IT system risks.


In a first step, together we will create a solid starting position for your company. We look at your goals, business risks and link these to your information lifecycle and IT systems. Together we will work out a qualitative and quantitative assessment and can link costs with business risks. By linking risks, information and systems, you see where you can reduce costs and in which areas you should invest.


The requirements for security, availability and integrity are based on internationally accredited standards. Our method consolidates these standards into easily digestible actions. This enables the audit to be comparable through the standards and thus usable for any size of company.


Together we work out an ideal situation and define the adjustments needed to achieve it. If we are too far away from the target state, we examine alternatives or determine an iterative approach.


We show you a possible roadmap and give you tactical recommendations. In doing so, we include and involve all stakeholders and, if required, we will explain how you will achieve the financing / splitting into sub-projects. We pay attention to all dependencies and make sure that the sequence of measures is reasonable and logical. Ideally, the defined measures can be combined with business initiatives / campaigns and embedded in the corporate strategy.

In this assessment it is particularly important to embed the recommendations received into the IT strategy and to achieve the desired status with small, complementary steps.


What you get from us

Our procedure is standardised and has been tested many times. Our experienced experts advise you innovatively and progressively. They provide you with a compact summary as well as a detailed report of the analysis carried out. You receive a second opinion with insight into many IT environments. If required, we will also gladly present the results to your board of directors.

The entire implementation is carried out by us at a flat rate – and not on an hourly basis.

Management Summary

Management Summary

A simple, clear summary shows the most important measures and the success hoped for.

Initial situation

Initial situation

A serious, well-founded derivation of measures requires a careful review of the existing environment, the history, how it came about and the cultural and business environment.

Cyber RiskProtection Profil

Cyber RiskProtection Profil

You receive a simple overview of the measures taken to address known risks in various areas of the company, enriched with concrete recommendations based on your individual situation.

Concrete recommondations

Concrete recommondations

We show which steps have to be taken in which order, taking into account which dependencies and any restrictions, in order to achieve the targeted security standard and close gaps in the long to medium term.

Further information on Cyber Security Risk Assessment

The following points should interest you in connection with the Cyber Security Risk Assessment:

The project takes about 1-3 months in total, depending on the customer cycle. Your own work will take about 12-24 hours, distributed over 2-4 key persons of your company.

Ideally you have the following documentation at your disposal:

  • Overview of third-party manufacturers and their contacts/responsibles
  • Overview of interfaces and dependencies within specialist applications
  • Role descriptions/concepts, organisation chart, process map (management, core and support processes)
  • Presentation of the company strategy and IT strategy or specifications

Of course we would be pleased if you would place your trust in us after the Cyber Security Risk Assessment and purchase projects / services from us. However, the assessment claims to be a valuable, independent paper which you can also give to another partner of your choice for implementation or which can also serve as a critical, external second opinion.

The costs of the analysis depend on the size of your company and are offered at a flat rate from CHF 4’000.

Do you have any questions?

We are at your disposal at any time. Simply contact us by phone or via contact form and we will help you!