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When it comes to IT security, companies still leave too much to chance. There are often individual, isolated solutions available and several people or external service partners take care of important individual issues. A central, competent and experienced contact person, as is common in larger companies today in the function of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), is seldom to be found in SMEs. We are happy to support you in this respect with our many years of practical experience and our expert knowledge.


360° analysis of your IT security status, based on a business risk/impact analysis and international standards. With detailed and actionable recommendations.

Organizations, employees and information are becoming increasingly digital, networked and mobile. On the one hand, this increases the attack surface for possible attacks from outside, on the other hand, the danger of unwanted data loss increases. Such electronic vulnerabilities can have serious consequences for companies, such as loss of turnover or reputation or even the loss of a company. Organizations should therefore conduct a comprehensive and regular review of their current IT security situation.

With the "IT Security Healthcheck" (ITSHC), Dinotronic offers such a check as a compact and manufacturer-neutral service.




Modern solutions for the protection of your sensitive data and business processes are an important component of every IT security strategy in the age of the cloud. The starting point is the administration and protection of central identities and, as a result, a marked improvement in user-friendliness. Based on this, intelligent solutions for finding and protecting your sensitive data, which support context-related rules, can be implemented.


The threat of identity theft through Trojans and other malware is constantly increasing. Unfortunately, the theft of digital identities cannot be prevented in every case. At the same time, the potential for damage is also growing. Although modern authentication methods largely make abusive login impossible, they also make login cumbersome for the user and should therefore only be used when absolutely necessary. Such solutions can, for example, require stronger authentication for certain transactions or unusual access patterns. In addition, they are able to decide whether and how access should be granted in this context on the basis of further features such as terminal device, location, time of day etc. With this information, intelligent systems can recognize behavior-based patterns and thus also uncover suspected abuses. If the management of identities is carried out in a secure and central location, solutions for Single Sign-On and Identity Federation are ideal. Users only have to authenticate themselves once (securely) and can then seamlessly access all other applications - regardless of whether they are in the cloud or on-premise. Integrated self-service functions can generate additional benefits, as they relieve the service desk of routine tasks, such as resetting the password, and enable the user to perform a simple, automated 7x24 service.




  • Identify confidential data - regardless of where it is stored, capture the confidential data inventory, and automatically manage data cleansing.
  • know how to use confidential data, such as who is connected to the corporate network or offline.
  • Enforce security policies automatically for proactive protection and to prevent unwanted data from escaping the network.





Highly efficient approach to protecting companies from the loss of confidential information and making it easier for employees to deal with sensitive information.

Our solution moves away from traditional access control roles to protecting information based on content. Our goal is to strike a balance between inadequate protection (risk of data loss) and oversized protection (prevention of efficiency and effectiveness of a company's employees). Symantec Data Loss Prevention provides a central platform for effectively managing universal data loss prevention policies. In addition to discovery capabilities, the platform integrates a policy compliance workflow, automation, reporting, systems management, and security.



Manage and protect the emails, documents, and confidential data you share with people outside your organization. Improve data security with features such as easy classification, labeling, and permissions - anytime and anywhere, regardless of the location or recipient of approval.



Perimeter Security

Perimeter security includes solutions for security at the transition between a corporate network and a public network such as the Internet. In the past, these boundaries were clear, with the shift of data and applications to different clouds, modern solutions are smarter and the boundaries more elastic.



The cloud also has an impact on network firewalls. In addition to security authorities, these are now also responsible for the availability and quality of the network. The scalable centralized administration of all aspects reduces the administrative effort. In addition, compliance policies are ensured for local and remote sites. The Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series is based on hardware, virtual and cloud solutions. It provides uninterrupted access to internal and cloud applications. At the same time, central network administration is simplified.



Work securely and reliably while maintaining control over your email. Get comprehensive, real-time protection against external threats such as malware and spam with Exchange Online Protection, based on multiple modules and a global, load-balanced network of data centers.


Malware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted. With Advanced Threat Protection, you're taking an important step that's just as important as it is the right one to deal with these attacks. Protect your email accounts in real time against modern threats to attachments and malicious links.



Device Security

The frequency and nature of threats to endpoints continues to increase. Targeted attacks, which take place after infection and often over a longer period of time, often remain hidden. Modern solutions with technologies such as machine learning, sandboxing and behavioral analysis are more effective in detection and have the ability to react and thus eliminate a threat.


Symantec Endpoint Protection protects your endpoints from potential cyber attacks. Multi-layered protection provides the defenses you need. This includes file reputation and behavior analysis as well as machine learning methods based on artificial intelligence (AI).



Secure delivery of enterprise applications for mobile workers.

In many organizations, native mobile productivity apps for email, calendar, contacts, and notes lack the business features that users use most. Managing such apps across multiple platforms is complex and the security measures used to protect the applications often differ.

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