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Use the innovation of cloud solutions without losing security. Choose the right sourcing strategy without creating dependencies. Focus on core competencies without being distracted by IT issues. 


The Internet and globalisation shape and influence each other. Due to the increasing digitalization, the dependency of a company on its IT is increasing. If you want to gain an edge, you have to be innovative and help shape the future. At the same time, the demands on availability, security - especially of sensitive data - and mobility are increasing. This can result in increasing complexity in the operation of IT solutions. A competitive company therefore needs long-term expert knowledge. With our managed services from different clouds, an SME can concentrate on its core competencies again, simultaneously increasing quality and optimizing availability, security and costs.


With the "IT Cloud Healthcheck" (ITCHC), Dinotronic examines the current situation and the desired thrust of your company. We ask strategic, operational and technical questions and present you with the answers, evaluations and recommendations for action. So that you know which direction your cloud journey should take.


Managed Services

Increasing demands on the availability, security and mobility of your IT infrastructure lead to continuously higher costs and a high demand on human resources. At the same time, the desire for central, permanently accessible and specialised contact persons for IT matters in the company is growing all the time.

With our standardized Managed Services, we assume responsibility for the availability and quality of a defined service at a calculable, usage-based fixed rate.



We offer our customers many years of experience in the areas of analysis and evaluation of innovative software solutions. Our goal is to digitize industry-specific business processes as efficiently as possible. Through our contacts to numerous well-known manufacturers, we also ensure a neutral and advisory accompaniment.


Because software packaging is time-consuming, customers with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (MS SCCM) have a service to save time and money. The neo42 package depot (S) contains numerous standard applications in finished, quality-assured software packages, ready for distribution with MS SCCM or other software distribution systems.


Software as a Service is no longer the future, it is the present. No local installations, immediately and everywhere applicable. Costs only for use, user- and module-specific. You need an individual, flexible, low-cost solution. Cheap standard software is not enough. The big all-rounders are too much. XfleX offers the best of both worlds: customizable standard software!

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