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Digitisation is much more than the use of new devices and technologies: it is more about the value chain of a company and how it can be optimised by digital tools. Companies that have decided to transform their business model into the digital age are now much more competitive in the market.


Modern IT solutions support digitization, e.g. through mobile/location-independent workstations, bring-your-own device solutions, virtualization and cloud technologies. The individual consulation of our experienced specialists with industry knowledge also shows how and where you can achieve the greatest efficiency gains in your business processes through the use of software - and thus remain competitive.


Secure and reliable IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly important for efficient business processes. Media disruptions or inefficiencies can have serious consequences for companies such as loss of sales, unplanned cost fluctuations or - in the worst case - even bankruptcy. Therefore, a comprehensive health check of your current IT infrastructure and IT strategy should be carried out at regular intervals.



With over 25 employees, we have proven experts for all infrastructure areas. Use our expert knowledge without losing sight of the big picture. Maintain proximity to manufacturers without becoming dependent. Guarantee operational readiness without causing overcapacity.



  • Reduce Complexity.
  • Increase Efficiency.
  • Allow Mobility.
  • Increase Safety.


Business processes can be digitized in a simple and cost-effective way with the use of innovative standard solutions. This in turn supports productivity and mobility in your company - because a modern and agile IT infrastructure can make an important contribution to digital transformation.


In connection with the advancing degree of digitization, modern software solutions are becoming an integral part of a company - and are constantly opening up new possibilities. For example, companies can develop products into platforms by making their interfaces available to end customers or third parties. This enables innovation from outside, which can lead to exponential growth and success.


We offer our customers many years of experience in the areas of analysis and evaluation of innovative software solutions. Our goal is to digitize industry-specific business processes as efficiently as possible. Through our contacts to numerous well-known manufacturers, we also ensure a neutral and advisory accompaniment.



We have been one of the leading providers of managed services in Switzerland for over ten years. More than 100 customers place their trust in us every day when it comes to using virtualized infrastructures securely and efficiently from different clouds. For some, this means an individualized yet very agile server infrastructure; for others, a more cost-effective, shared platform is the ideal solution. And a lot is also possible in between.



Your data and applications are in good hands in the Dinotronic Swiss Cloud: in the ISO 27001-certified Swiss high-security data center with 99.8% availability, 24/7 active monitoring and backup archiving for up to 10 years. Modular IT outsourcing in Switzerland is reality.

  • standardized user environment with access to current Office Professional applications and Exchange Business Hosting
  • Increase productivity with access to emails, documents, and applications, regardless of location, time, or device
  • secure, mobile access
  • centralized data management
  • License management for Microsoft and Citrix




We are one of the first providers in Switzerland to use standardized cloud services for themselves and have already implemented them for many customers. This experience of many years makes us your competent contact person.

  • Easier collaboration
  • Transparent cost control
  • Highest security and guaranteed availability
  • Easy integration into existing IT




We combine tried and tested approaches and innovative cloud technologies to build reliable IT infrastructures at your site. You operate these yourself, we operate them for you or we operate them together with you. Sourcing - the way it suits you.

  • Support, HelpDesk, System Supervision and Escalation
  • Freely selectable solution units
  • Guaranteed readiness and response times
  • Privileged treatment of support contract customers

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