Optimize the use of your rooms.

ROOMZ is the right answer to all your questions about the efficient use and management of meeting rooms or entire buildings. The practice-proven solution offers individual possibilities to realize an agile working environment of the future. All products are easy to install and directly help you to use your rooms better and work more efficiently.

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  • With the myRoomz application, your employees can flexibly and securely book workstations at home or on-site at the office
  • More efficient management of your meeting rooms or your entire office space
  • Thanks to ROOMZ Display all information is in the right place. Your employees can now book free rooms directly via the display
  • Prevent Ghosts Meetings – Thanks to the ROOMZ sensor, rooms that have been booked but not used are automatically released
  • With the ROOMZ Digital Floorplan you always have an easy overview of your premises
  • Gain valuable insights into the effective occupancy of rooms and workstations
  • All solutions are compatible with Exchange, Office 365, IBM, Lotus and Google Calendar
  • … and many more advantages:

Easy installation

ROOMZ requires no cables and can be attached to all surfaces.

Optimized energy consumption

Low power consumption and maximum battery life.

Easy connection

Easy connection to your existing Wi-Fi network.

Intuitive operation

Operation is deliberately kept simple and efficient.

Simple design

The combination of a paper display with an aluminum frame looks elegant and discreet.

ROOMZ Sensor in a weight and simple design.

COVID19 – Solutions regarding the restrictions

  • The new “new normal” in offices will be different than before
  • The fewer resources available, the better they need to be managed
  • Reliable occupancy data will enable objective, evidence-based decision making
  • ROOMZ solutions will help organisations comply with ISO 45001 and keep people healthy

With the ROOMZ application, your employees can book workplaces flexibly and securely from home or on site in the office. Only the booking tool does not require any additional hardware (sensors). ROOMZ offers two subscriptions:

  • SME Edition up to 200 registered users
  • Unlimited number of registered users

More information can be found in the section “MyRoomz – Web Application”.

  • Real-time occupancy and density on each floor, including % occupancy.
  • Analyses of past occupancies, including daily maximums and averages.
  • Optional: tracking – if a person tests COVID positive, a list of exposed staff during the last few days can be extracted (only for bookable desks)

⇒ Review and validation of deconfinement decisions and measures (PDCA)

  • Cleaning staff will know which desks are occupied and need to be disinfected
  • When returning to work, the timing and effectiveness of cleaning services is critical

Choice between: 

  • Booking systems on premise – ROOMZ server on premise
  • Booking systems on premise – ROOMZ server in the cloud (Azure)
  • Booking systems in the cloud (Office 365) – ROOMZ server in the cloud (Azure)

We are happy to advise and support you in making the right choice for your company.

myRoomz – Web Application

With the ROOMZ application, your employees can book workplaces flexibly and securely from home or on site in the office. No additional hardware (sensors) is required for the booking tool.

  • Flexible workstation booking
  • Single sign-on login for all employees
  • Very easy to use
  • Flightboard or floor plan views
  • Find available seats or persons
ROOMZ Sensor in a weight and simple design.
On a ROOMZ display, a booking is made with the touch function.

Roomz Display

Clear arrangement of information: current room occupancy, next bookings with the name of the organizer, title, and duration

Switch from daily to weekly overview.

With the touch functions you interact with the ROOMZ display. To book a room spontaneously, press “Book” and then select the duration. To release a room, press “Release” and then “Confirm”.

  • 8″ high-resolution e-Paper-Display
  • 2 years of autonomy
  • Connects to the existing accounting system
  • Configurable One-Tap Panel
  • Cloud or on-premises solutions
  • ROOMZ is the only wireless solution for meeting rooms that scales perfectly

ROOMZ Sensor

-the newest innovation of ROOMZ.

  • ROOMZ automatically releases a room for a meeting to which no one has appeared.
  • The time to release can be set per room type (from 15 minutes to 2 hours for large conference rooms).
  • With ROOMZ Sensor and ROOMZ Analytics, you get the insights you need to optimize your rooms.
    ROOMZ Analytics verschafft einen Überblick über die Raumnutzung.
  • ROOMZ Sensor Room for bookable (meeting) rooms: conferences, video calls, relaxation room etc.
  • ROOMZ Sensor Huddle for non-bookable rooms
  • Manage your (shared) desks with ROOMZ Desk Sensor: Smart Desk booking tool, monitoring and control of workstations (social distancing), facilitating usage-based cleaning

  • The “new” normal in the offices will be different than before
  • Reliable occupancy data will enable objective, evidence-based decision making
  • The ROOMZ solutions can help companies to implement security measures and maintain the health of people (e.g. social distancing, etc.)
ROOMZ Sensor in a weight and simple design.
Employees study the digital floor plans of their company on the ROOMZ Viewer Flightboard to find a free meeting room.

ROOMZ VIEWER – Flight board

  • Flight board / digital floor plans compatible with all screens such as Smart TVs / PC
  • The same floor plan can be displayed on different screens (Smart TV, PC, Tablet) so that your colleagues can quickly find a free space

Non-binding online consultation


„Would you like to learn more about this solution, or do you have specific questions about its implementation? We are using ROOMZ ourselves and would be happy to demonstrate the solution to you and to answer your open questions.

Book your appointment for a 30-minute online meeting with me now!

Dino Fiori, CEO


ROOMZ Display SILVER or BLACK incl. software subscription (1 year “ROOM”) CHF 749.00
ROOMZ Sensor Room without software subscription CHF 159.00
ROOMZ Sensor Huddle incl. software subscription (1 year „Huddle“) CHF 189.00
ROOMZ Sensor Desk incl. software subscription (1 year „Desk“) CHF 129.00
ROOM-subscription 1 year CHF 108.00
HUDDLE-subscription 1 year CHF 72.00
DESK-subscription 1 year CHF 36.00
ROOMZ Display – Spare battery CHF 29.00
ROOMZ Sensor – Spare battery CHF 19.00
ROOMZ Display – wall mounting, black CHF 29.00
Remote setup, configuration ROOMZ Server Cloud (Exchange, Office 365, Google, etc.) CHF 600.00
ROOMZ SERVER ON-PREMISE including up to 5H technical support / one server update per year CHF 1’000.00
ROOMZ applications for employees (my.roomz.io) – up to 200 registered users (SME edition) CHF 1’000.00
ROOMZ applications for employees (my.roomz.io) CHF 3’000.00

These are indicative prices. Prices may vary slightly due to currency fluctuations.


«Thanks to ROOMZ, we were able to reduce the manual effort for the printout of the weekly plans»

Gordon Abbott, Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

«ROOMZ meets all ETH requirements – both in terms of ease of use and scalability and design.»

Armin Brunner, ETH Zürich

«ROOMZ has found a new solution for an old problem. No electricity, no cables, simple installation.»

Prof. Dr. René Hüsler, Hochschule Luzern

«The long battery life reduces the maintenance effort.»

Phil Stathas, Allegro MicroSystems, LLC

«When our employees are looking for a room, the first glance always falls on the display. This makes everyday life easier and prevents frustration.»

Markus Thoma, Zühlke Engineering AG

«I would recommend ROOMZ for its stability and ease of use, as well as the professionalism of the team»

Joël Hirschi, Invalidenversicherung des Kantons von Neuchâtel

«The employees especially appreciate the possibility of spontaneous booking. Nobody misses the former calendar solution; but nobody wants to do without the displays anymore!»

Tim Dührkoop, Namics AG

«ZERO cables. Unpack – configure – attach – done! This is how technology is fun!»

Benno Stucki, Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz