Customer profile

Industry: Trust
Size: 20 employees
Solution: Dinotronic Swiss Cloud


Jan Vogt President of the Board of Directors and Partner
Dinotronic convinces by its reliability. An IT partner who understands our needs, delivers exactly what we need and is always there for us.”
Founded in 2007, the Treuhandzentrum Zürich specializes in fiduciary and tax advice for SMEs and wealthy individuals. The experts at Treuhandzentrum Zürich AG contribute their many years of experience in the fields of fiduciary and travel agency fiduciary services, while the specialists at Interfiducia AG take care of tax and legal matters. Clients can access the centre’s cloud-based software from various terminals.

Concentration on core business, focus on customers. With this credo of the Treuhandzentrum Zürich, it was clear from the outset that IT would be outsourced. Therefore, a reliable IT service provider was sought who could meet the high demands on the desired IT solution at reasonable prices. On the one hand, the ideal IT infrastructure should meet high-security requirements. After all, discretion and data protection are inviolable in the fiduciary and tax services business. This is all the more true as online services for customers are part of the core offering. But the IT solution should also be flexible, as employees are often on the move, work everywhere and want to have secure access to data at all times. And last but not least, service and support should be provided by an always available personal contact person, the single point of contact.

Dinotronic Individual Business Hosting enables managed workstations to be used from the highly secure Swiss data center. Thanks to this outsourcing of IT infrastructure and applications, cost-effective thin clients could be deployed at the workstations. The Managed Endpoint Protection, Managed Internet Access and Managed Firewall services ensure high data security from the perimeter to the end devices. Mobile working is possible with all end devices. Customers can access their topal clients via a secure SSL VPN connection. Central to customer satisfaction was the assurance of a personal contact person and Dinotronic’s willingness to assume the role of the person responsible for internal IT.

The cloud-based managed services minimize the cost and time of the investment and create planning security. The fully redundant and scalable hardware platform ensures very high availability, and access from any location is via an encrypted connection. Thanks to time-flexible access to all business data, productivity has been increased by an estimated 30 percent. The competent IT consulting, the service level regulated in the SLA and the support available at all times via SPOC enable the trust experts to concentrate fully on their core business.

We know your industry

Dinotronic has many years of experience with many customers from the financial sector. We are aware of the high sensitivity of your data and are equally aware that your demands on new solutions are correspondingly high. We take this fact into account by offering you standardized, secure and yet cost-optimized solutions.