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Industry: Non-Profit
Size: 100 Arbeitsplätze
Solution: Digital Workplace

Kurt Orlandi Managing Director
“The change from internal IT support to an external service provider was a major challenge for us in 2016. Dinotronic convinced us right from the start with a culture and language that suits us as well as a professional offer that is well adapted to our needs. Since then, Dinotronic has accompanied us with reliability, security and fast reactions in all IT-related matters.”

Drahtzug, gegründet am 16. November 1925 unter dem Namen „Hilfe für ältere Arbeitsfähige Zürich“, engagiert sich für Menschen mit einer psychischen Beeinträchtigung. Sie bieten Arbeits- und Ausbildungsplätze, ein betreutes Zuhause sowie eine wertvolle Tagesstruktur, um betroffenen Personen die Teilhabe an der Gesellschaft zu ermöglichen, individuelle Stärken zu fördern und Freude zu schenken. Darüber hinaus sind sie als erfolgreiches Produktions- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen für wirtschaftliche Kunden tätig und stolz, mit ihren Leistungen echten Mehrwert zu generieren.

  • Replacement of the outdated and not fail-safe on-site infrastructure
  • Increasing the security of sensitive personal data
  • Enable location-independent and secure access to all data and applications
  • Reduction of the maintenance and support effort
  • Digital Workplace solution with “Managed Datacenter Service”, “Managed Cloud Workplace” and “Managed Thin Client” from Dinotronic
  • Advanced protection with “Managed Identity Protection” and “Managed Information Protection”
  • Reliable and secure network connection with “Managed Firewall Service” and “Managed Internet Access”
  • A modern, digital and secure workplace from the highly available Dinotronic Swiss Cloud
  • Monthly billing according to effective use at a fixed price per user
  • Elimination of the internal effort for the operation of the on-site infrastructure

We know your industry

Non-profit organizations consider their expenditures very carefully. You need to keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible to be profitable. The centralization of IT and cost optimization are important topics in this context. Dinotronic has over 20 years of experience with all aspects and has standardized solutions in its portfolio.