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Industry: Education / Non-Profit
Size: 50 employees
Solution: Microsoft SharePoint + Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite

Swiss Marketing is the leading professional association for marketing & sales and has around 4000 specialists and managers from the Swiss economy as members. The organization consists of about 700 experts and contributors and examines more than 1,600 candidates per year.

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Andreas Balazs, President:

“Thanks to Dinotronic’s solution based on Microsoft SharePoint and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, we are now able to reduce our processes by around 30% and can protect our sensitive data from unwanted access to the greatest extent possible.”

President of the Board of Directors and Partner

A complex and therefore time-consuming case creation process for professional examinations is highly error-prone and has an increased risk of data leakage due to its confidential content. These risks should be largely eliminated and the processes optimized. In addition, the examination board is only active for 3-4 months of the year, but had no opportunity to scale up accordingly on its outdated IT environment.

  • Automate and simplify case creation with Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint Online
  • Dinotronic Managed Identity & Information Protection Service for professional protection of identities and information
  • Implementation of SharePoint as a central tool for requesting and managing exam questions
  • Technical support from our Dinotronic service desk
  • Uniform processes increase efficiency by around 30% and ensure quality
  • At peak times the power can be increased
  • Monthly billing according to effective use
  • Access to data is easy and at the same time more secure
  • A central, always accessible contact point for your concerns: The Dinotronic Service Desk

We know your industry

Non-profit organizations and the health care industry consider their expenditures very carefully. You need to keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible to be profitable. The health care industry in particular has many digitalized business processes that place the highest security requirements on IT, while for non-profit organizations the centralization of IT and cost optimization are a topic. Dinotronic has over 20 years of experience with all aspects and has standardized solutions in its portfolio.