Customer profile

Industry: Financial services
Size: 34 employees
Solution: Managed Workplace Service / Managed Collaboration Service

Karl Theiler CEO, Partner
“At Dinotronic, we appreciate the direct contact they offer, both through their service desk for reliable immediate support and on-site for competent advice. They understand our needs and only recommend solutions that suit us, our philosophy and the way we work: With the Digital Workplace approach, we can access everything conveniently from anywhere, based on the latest technologies. Thanks to them, we and our customers are secure, mobile and always a tad faster. That’s why Dinotronic has been our partner in the digital world since our foundation.”

Akara is the market-fresh provider of growth-oriented, solid real estate funds and a specialist in first-class asset management and real estate services for institutional and private investors. Founded in 2016 by independent real estate specialists, AKARA, based in Zug, is active throughout Switzerland.

Akara Funds AG has experienced enormous growth in recent years thanks to extremely successful management. What originally began as a three-person start-up has grown into an SME, employing around 30 people in 2019. As a result, many processes and solutions in the IT landscape that were originally adapted to a start-up no longer fit the current company situation. The aim of the project was to adapt the IT environment as a whole to the new conditions, to get rid of old hurdles and to be able to benefit from simplified administration and more efficient solutions. Last but not least, the company also wanted to be able to use and implement the latest possibilities with cloud products in both the productivity and security environment.

The initial situation was carefully analysed in an intensive project. Especially “traditional” software solutions posed great challenges for our customers. Despite all the hurdles, a satisfactory solution could be designed for the majority of the applications. Our solution was ultimately based on five key components:

  1. E-mail, informal collaboration and telephony had to be partly newly introduced and partly upgraded to the latest standards.
  2. Productivity tools that had become established over the last few years had to be communicated to the employees in a new way because some of them had changed.
  3. Mobility was a major project objective and it had to be ensured that the solutions did not only work at the traditional office workstation.
  4. Special attention had to be paid to (information) security, as Akara is regulated by FINMA. A mix of different measures and tools to ensure compliance now makes the data and information much more secure than before.
  5. New approaches have also been taken in the area of education and training, for example with consultation hours to deal with individual questions in greater depth. This made the introductory phase interactive and also appealed to the users responsibility in dealing with their new digital workplace tools.

As a result, this project brought a wealth of experience to all project participants and the certainty that even companies with sensitive data no longer need to shy away from modern cloud working environments. The customer is more efficient, mobile and secure on the road than ever before and has already integrated many new functions into his everyday work, which now naturally also contributes to the added value.

We know your industry

Dinotronic has many years of experience with many customers from the financial sector. We are aware of the high sensitivity of your data and are equally aware that your demands on new solutions are correspondingly high. We take this fact into account by offering you standardized, secure and yet cost-optimized solutions.