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Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that is constantly expanding to help your organization meet business challenges. You can create, manage, and deploy applications across a large global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

With the scalable, trusted, and reliable Microsoft Cloud, you can push the boundaries of your local data center. You can transform your business and reduce costs with an energy-efficient infrastructure that includes more than 100 highly secure facilities around the world, interconnected in one of the largest networks on the planet.


The continuous innovations support your development in the present and your product goals for the future.


You can create and deploy your projects as you wish. All languages and frameworks and open source approaches are supported.



Locally, in the cloud and on the way – you will be picked up wherever you are. Integrate and manage your environments with services designed for Hybrid Cloud.


Benefit from absolute security, the best teams of experts, and the proactive compliance that companies, governments, and startups trust from the start.

How you benefit from the secure Microsoft cloud

Learn the 10 most important reasons for your business.

Protection and security for your data, compliance in a global environment.
Information. Committed to openness. Microsoft is transparent.
Uniquely broad portfolio of certifications. Microsoft supports your compliance.
Over 50 countries, over 100 data centers, millions of servers. This is how Microsoft ensures physical security.
Microsoft punishes violations of security and privacy. And you stay in control.
Obtain and use services – you decide from which location
Countless security experts who are active in the fight against cybercrime every day and around the clock.
Service availability, planning reliability, cost stability. This is why Microsoft is your cloud partner for the future.
Tailored portfolio and individual support. Microsoft and we as partners are there for you.
Discover the paradigm shift. With Evergreening, your cloud services are always up-to-date and secure.


Last year, Microsoft was pleased to announce that it will expand its huge network with two Microsoft Azure data centers in Geneva and Zurich. The cloud services offered from Switzerland, such as Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365, are of particular interest to companies and organizations that work with sensitive data, such as the financial or healthcare sector, the public sector and the strong NGO sector in Switzerland. Storing data in Switzerland offers a further control option and helps companies and institutions to meet regulatory requirements.

The commissioning of the two data centers went according to plan and the first services are already available.

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What are the advantages of
Swiss data centers?

There have always been many reasons for the Microsoft Cloud – with Azure Switzerland there are definitely no more reasons against it.

Encourage innovation

Encourage innovation

Faster, more efficient, less expensive: these are the benefits of the growing collection of integrated cloud and data protection services. These include not only analytics, databases and mobile services, but offer much more.

Switch to the local cloud unhindered

Switch to the local cloud unhindered

Financial services providers and other regulated industries can now move to the cloud even faster with services perfectly tailored to their needs.

Regionally interconnected computer centres.

Regionally interconnected computer centres.

With Azure Switzerland, customers can easily meet the requirements for local data residence within Switzerland. In addition, customers have the option of linking the geographically separate regions “Switzerland, North” (Zurich) and “Switzerland, West” (Geneva) with each other, so that data can be restored in the event of regional emergencies, thus ensuring data residence.

Compliance with trust

Compliance with trust

We want to make our data protection practices as transparent as possible. As part of our commitment to protecting customer data, we are introducing the world’s first standard for data protection in the cloud, ISO/IEC 27018, and upon completion, our data centers in Switzerland will receive various global Azure certifications, including SOC 1-3, ISO 27001.

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