WHERE we want to work in the future “considering Corona” is something we highlighted in the last blog post: According to the Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index, after a certain period of adjustment, the desire to continue working, at least partially, in a home office is now growing among a majority of employees worldwide: Hybrid work, flexible work, flexwork is the motto. Today, we are asking HOW: What do flexwork and remote leadership mean for collaboration, how does the corporate culture have to change, and what can management, in particular, adapt to?

How to Flexwork – 5 recommendations from Dinotronic

Flexwork is about constantly adapting to current conditions by working flexibly in terms of time and place. Working flexibly in terms of time means moving away from rigid work models and fixed working hours – toward flexible working hours, trust-based working hours, part-time work and flexible vacation arrangements. Employees work according to capacity and can be flexibly deployed where they are needed and work where it suits them best. Because flexible working also means moving away from compulsory presence in the office and toward home offices and open coworking spaces


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