Horgen meets Ho Chi Minh

Dinotronic opened a second company location in the economic metropolis of Ho Chi Minh at the beginning of May 2018. Our management team regularly travels to Vietnam to get to know the young, very dynamic generation of enthusiastic IT specialists in person and to train them expertly. Of course, they also have some time to collect unforgettable impressions in this beautiful country with its unique culture and the loving inhabitants – we would like to share their remarkable experiences with you.

Teamleiter Christian Gehrung

Christian Gehrung

Head of Cloud Services

Vietnam visits:
In total six visits.
First from 28.05.2018 to 13.06.2018, last stay from 15.2.20 bis 11.3.20.

At Dinotronic since:


  • The motivation of the team and the interest in our company culture.
  • The inner satisfaction of seeing a team form and thrive, moving the company forward.
  • The friendliness and interaction with people in and around the office.
  • The variety of food and delivery options.

Your Lowlights in Vietnam:

  • We are not used to the dirt, traffic and noise.
  • The usually long waiting times at passport control despite obtaining visas in advance.
  • At the beginning, there were initial communication barriers due to language and cultural differences – but a learning process took place on both sides. Today, our Vietnamese colleagues are well integrated into the Horgen team and are diligently helping to modernize our platform and services. This is how a low- became a highlight!

A funny or curious story about your stay in Vietnam:

During the rainy season, rainfall can be sudden and heavy. If you don’t want to wade ankle-deep in water with your new sneakers, you may have to carry your shoes home in your hands or make a stop at one of the many busy Vietnamese cafes.

Your impressions from Vietnam: