Horgen meets Ho Chi Minh

Dinotronic AG offers its employees in Horgen the opportunity to travel to Vietnam and spend a remote working month at our second company location in Ho Chi Minh. Some have already taken advantage of this opportunity and were able to gain interesting impressions and unique work experience in the Far East. We would like to share with you what our employees experienced there.

Emiliano Branca

Emiliano Branca

Senior Systems Engineer

Vietnam visit:
1. September 2019 to 30. September 2019

At Dinotronic since:
April 2015

Your Highlights in Vietnam:

  • Getting to know a new culture and people. The people are very friendly and I was able to make new friends.
  • Using the time zone difference to the advantage of productivity at work.
  • The local food is delicious.
  • The night out options are plentiful.
  • The sudden rain showers are impressive – as quickly as they are there, they are gone.

Your Lowlights in Vietnam:

  • Food changeover with corresponding consequences (…) – therefore drink more water (my recommendation).
  • Air conditioners are always on full blast everywhere.
  • Next time plan enough vacation time.
  • Beer is always served with ice.

A funny or curious story about your stay in Vietnam:

  • As a passionate Salsa dancer I could enjoy a few times a small show group from Cuba on the “Saigon Saigon Rooftop Bar” – of the hotel “Caravelle Saigon” – and celebrate with them extensively.
  • On a Sunday trip to the outskirts of Saigon I could, together with newly made friends, experience the Sunday ritual of the family brunch – incl. the local customs and small uninvited guests.
  • Eating insects is not yet my thing – but I tried it, after all. On the other hand, the soups are heavenly.
  • During a weekend trip in Hoi-An, I could no longer hide my amazement and curiosity: most beautiful area and the attached island trip to snorkel and sunbathe under palm trees is unforgettable.

Your impressionen from Vietnam:


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