The implementation of customer-specific requirements has a long tradition at Dinotronic. We have already translated business requirements into useful applications in the past. In doing so, we played to our strengths in the area of requirements engineering and “bridging”, and also solved the development in cooperation with external organizations specializing in software development.

This is how our latest development came about: an Author platform for the exam creation process. The idea arose from a risk analysis as part of an IT cybersecurity health check. This revealed that it could be enormously costly to an organization should it lose the exam papers before a federal exam due to a security leak or similar. So a better security system was needed. This was also the thought of a leading Swiss examination organization, where numerous candidates take important examinations every year. So after the successful Health Check, the organization commissioned Dinotronic to develop a platform on which (militia) organizations can carry out the exam creation process in a structured and secure manner.

We then further developed and optimized the resulting product in partnership with two providers of auditing organizations. Initially, the platform was rather rigid and only mapped the specific process needs of a single audit organization. In the course of the collaboration, however, we developed a highly flexible, adaptive tool, with which any processes can be implemented reliably and securely.


This system provides you as an organization with a central tool for the exam creation process. All steps, from the efficient development, collection and management of the exam questions, can be designed according to your individual needs. Since there are always multiple parties involved in these processes, they too can be seamlessly integrated into the tool, allowing you to work collaboratively and effectively.

One of our central concerns was to create more security for audit organizations. Therefore, sensitive data is optimally protected during the entire process with the help of automated encryption. So you don’t have to worry about different document versions any more – nothing gets lost and everything is saved consistently.

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The system is suitable for any organization which work is based on one or more processes and which has high requirements for structured processing, traceable activities and document security. The focus so far has been on testing organizations and organizations in the education sector. Other target groups are also conceivable in the future, as the program allows complete autonomy. Organizations can thus make a variety of changes without special IT support, such as:

  • Capture user
  • Define roles
  • Assign licenses
  • Create, modify, delete processes
  • Monitor processing
  • Intervene in running processes


We provide our Managed Workplace Service and Managed Cloud Workplace customers with an Author Platform Light variant. This also includes many useful features:

  • completely autonomous management of deposits
  • traceable logbook of authorization adjustments (incl. comments)
  • constant, independent information about granted accesses
  • automatic document security possible when combined with MINP (Managed Information Protection)


User autonomy is our top priority. In our opinion, IT solutions must cover business requirements precisely and, above all, in a user-friendly manner. In addition, it is particularly important to us that complex IT solutions can also be applied and managed without the support of an IT provider. Therefore, IT solutions today should be supplemented with appropriate tools and autonomous management options. Based on these insights, we will also expand our leading Managed Workplace products. In this way, our products increasingly combine to form a meaningful productivity platform which, thanks to various modules, can optimally cover diverse industry requirements – naturally always under the premise of the highest possible customer autonomy and security.

For the future, we are already planning a variety of possible extensions to the author platform. For example, automated test execution with the help of the platform is under discussion. Simple enhancements are also conceivable, such as improving integrated communication or a dashboard function.

We would be pleased if you would take advantage of this first opportunity to contribute your wishes and ideas to the development process. Please feel free to submit your request to our service – it will then be evaluated by Product Management and, if possible, implemented together with the service owners. In this way, we would like to provide our customers with the precise service they desire and deserve.


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