What used to have to be stored abroad can now also be stored in Zurich or Geneva for business customers as of 2019. In the Swiss Microsoft Cloud, companies of all sizes can store their data, run programmes or even operate their entire IT. In an interview with Primo Amrein, we look back at the last two years and find out what is planned – and why SMEs and start-ups in particular will benefit.

Below the video you will find an overview of all the questions. As soon as you start the video, you have the option of jumping to the respective questions at the bottom of the timeline. Alternatively, you can click on the desired question in the overview and land directly on YouTube at the right place.

Overview of the questions:

00:26 1. what are the core arguments for SMEs to switch to Microsoft’s Swiss data centres?

01:32 2. In your opinion, are there customer segments that particularly benefit from using the Swiss Microsoft Cloud? If so, which ones?

02:59 3. in terms of data protection, are there legitimate reasons for certain SMEs not to use the Microsoft Switzerland Cloud or to rely on private cloud solutions from local providers?

04:36 4. What is different about the Microsoft Switzerland Cloud compared to those of other providers?

06:07 5. How does Switzerland’s cloud adoption differ compared to our European neighbours? Which services are most in demand in our country and why?

07:00 6. Can you explain the “One Microsoft Cloud” approach to our audience and what’s next?

08:41 7. How has the Microsoft Cloud evolved during the pandemic?

09:45 8. What is Microsoft doing in the area of sustainability for the operation of their public cloud?

11:45 9. Outlook: Where do you see Microsoft Switzerland in 10 years?

12:59 10. How do you feel about the partnership with Dinotronic AG?

14:12 11. Finally: What was your personal highlight at Microsoft Switzerland?

Primo Amrein has been Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland since July 2018 and is responsible for setting up the Swiss data centres. He studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen, specialising in information management, has been working for the technology group for 15 years and lives with his family in Inwil.


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