Communication is the key to successful cooperation. Among other things, Microsoft Teams makes sure that communication works flawlessly and reliably also at home and on the road: 44 Million users around the world now rely on the many practical features of the online collaboration tool on a daily basis. As the number of users increases, so too do the user requirements for MS Teams. Microsoft is responding – and certainly also in order to further expand their advantage over other developers – with more useful features designed to further simplify and enrich your work with Microsoft Teams. We present what we consider to be the eight most important features of the new MS Teams, which you should definitely know to start 2021 greatly.

Raketenstart 2021 mit Microsoft Teams Features und Dinotronic

1.    Templates for Teams

Status: in development

When creating a new team, users will be able to choose from a variety of customizable templates, such as templates for event management or crisis response, as well as industry-specific templates for healthcare or finance. Microsoft will provide default templates and it will be possible to create your own.

Microsoft Teams Feature Templates

2.    Virtual Breakout Rooms

Status: just published

What many already know from Zoom is now also possible with Microsoft Teams: Meeting hosts can create several “group rooms” for group discussions during a meeting and “bring” the participants back to the plenum after the breakout time.

Feature Breakout Rooms at Microsoft Teams

3.    Presentation layouts for meetings

Status: in development

During a presentation, presenters will be able to set how their content is displayed to participants, for example, overlaying their video on top of the content or displaying the content as a thumbnail window in a corner of the video. This feature is intended to allow presenters to clarify what is being said/shown through gestures and facial expressions – without participants having to choose between the shared content and the video.

4.    Dynamic View

Status: is being rolled out

In a similar direction, the new Dynamic View feature automatically adjusts the display of shared content and participants’ videos. The view can be personalized so that the display can be adjusted according to need and preference.

New Feature Dynamic View Microsoft Teams

5.    Approvals in Teams


Status: is being rolled out

The Approval feature allows you to request, manage, route, and grant approvals directly in Microsoft Teams quickly and efficiently. This saves time!

6.    Direct guest access for Zoom and WebEx meetings

Status: just published

Teams and Zoom can now be combined and integrated with each other. This means that there will be fewer performance disruptions in the future if external participants or conference partners use a different conferencing tool than Microsoft Teams.

7.    Questions during Teams Meetings

Status: just published

With Forms Polls, surveys can be prepared, conducted and evaluated among the participants of a meeting – in advance or during the meeting. This means that external polling tools such as Mentimeter no longer have to be used. All participants can cast their votes easily, quickly and clearly in an additional tab in the Teams meeting.

Umfragen Polls Feature in Microsoft Teams

8.    Mobile data access in future also offline


in development

In the future, team members will be able to access files without being connected to the Internet via the Teams mobile app. The relevant files can be selected in advance and made available for offline access.

Support for the implementation of Microsoft Teams

With these 8 new features, collaboration and communication within your company and with your business partners will be even easier and more efficient in 2021 – and, we are sure, will be even more fun! We are happy to support you in the implementation and handling of Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 applications. In our Managed Collaboration Service packages, you can choose the level of support that suits you best – and also test our service free of charge in advance. We look forward to making your communication and collaboration experience with Microsoft Teams fit for 2021!


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