At the latest since Coronavirus has brought the entire business world into the home office, collaboration, and communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Slack have proven themselves many times over. Meetings, conferences, and conversations have been moved across national borders to the digital level and into the living or working room of employees. Video Calls, Online Meetings and Teamwork in Breakout Rooms are now part of the daily routine – and yet for many people the good old analog telephone is still on the table for customer conversations.

Online Phone System via MS Teams: Phone calls made easy

Taking a landline number with you to your home office is easier said than done – in many cases it is even impossible. The solution is very simple and, if MS Teams are already used for internal communication, even included. Because a big advantage of Microsoft Teams over other tools is that you can use Microsoft Direct Routing which can also make inbound and outbound calls with your existing business numbers. You can find out from us how this works and what other advantages it brings:

  1. Save money: With MS Teams, you get a flexible cloud service that requires no additional investment. Furthermore, you save the expensive maintenance for a local telephone system with all desk telephones.
  2. No new numbers: In the business world, changing phone numbers is a very lengthy process. No worry, existing numbers can be imported to teams very easily.
    1. No restrictions: You can still use all the usual functions of a conventional telephone system: ring calls, call queues, switching, voicemails and much more.

    The most important telephony functions in Microsoft teams can also be seen here:

  3. All at hand: If you use Microsoft teams for your communication anyway, you have everything in one place by now. Complete Microsoft 365 integration allows you to bundle contacts, mails, documents, file cloud and much more in an all-in-one solution.

Cloud-Telefonie mit Headset

  • Easy to understand: Noise and crackling in the line with bad connections are a thing of the past. With appropriate Internet performance, you will also enjoy better call quality.
  • Easily accessible everywhere: From anywhere, at any time and with any device, you can call MS Teams worldwide via WLAN. In this way, you no longer get caught in the roaming trap even on international business trips and can be reached easily on your smartphone while on the road.
  • Save even more money: Depending on the Office 365 package you have already included MS Teams. All you need from us for the Phone System with the fixed and mobile network is an additional subscription (incl. option for attractive flat rates).
  • More place for creativity: With Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, a desk phone is no longer necessary. A computer headset or smartphone is all you need to make calls, whether you’re moving to your home office or are on the road. With MS Teams there are no limits even for older, analog devices: Compatibility with most fax machines or cell phones is guaranteed.

We have already successfully implemented the integration of MS Teams with classical telephony at over 70 Swiss SMEs. You too can get started with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Further information is available on our webite or in a non-binding online consultation with our CEO, Dino Fiori.


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